LLEGAL – 2007 Tribeca Film Festival – Short Film by Andrew Oh

Official selection into the 2007 TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL
Written and Directed by ANDREW OH
Produced by Lydia Ko, Tony Wang, and Andrew Oh
Daniel and Jessica are a happily married couple on the verge of realizing the American dream – Jessica is pregnant and Daniel finally gets the money to open a small diner. But when they hire Carlos, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, they find that they are targets of blackmail. With their emotions spiraling out of control, is their love strong enough for them to forgive one another and do what’s right?
Starring Thomas Blankenship, Tyler Kain, Danny Molina, Chet Grissom, David Pevsner, and Luis Beckford.
Cinematography by Kenneth Yeung.
REDROCK M2 35mm Adapter
REDROCK Base Plate/Rods
REDROCK microFollowFocus
NIKON prime lenses
Other films:
THE DEBT – vimeo.com/5335532
THE MOTEL ROOM – vimeo.com/5363130
SHOTGUN – vimeo.com/5366067



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